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Funky Dogs Grooming Services

I happily treat all dogs of any shape, size, breed and pride myself on giving your pet the same love and care they receive at home. A few of our services we offer are as follows:

Puppy Grooming Guildford

Puppies can start coming to grooming sessions once all puppy vaccinations are complete. But brushing your puppy starts from day one! Getting your puppy used to being brushed is a vital stage in there development, as this teaches them the difference between play time and the dreaded brush time! It is always good to set aside ten to fifteen minutes a day to spend brushing, touching ears, feet and tail as this really helps in the future but also keeps the coat in good condition and matt free. This is also good bonding time with your pup which can be quite therapeutic for both of you.

Grooming is not just about making your pup look good, but also takes care of removing dead hair and keeping the skin nice and healthy. This is a good opportunity for me to get to know your pup during the grooming procedure.

Funky Dogs Guildford Funky Dogs Guildford Funky Dogs Guildford

Initially for the first few sessions I thoroughly brush through the coat ensuring any knots are removed, bath, dry, trim corners of the eyes, (depending if puppy allows) round the genital areas, feet and nails. This will slowly be progressed with each visit as they get more comfortable with the grooming process. This procedure is mainly for the longer, fluffier breeds, but all pups leave Funky Dogs having their ears checked, nails clipped, bathed and dried removing any dead hair along the way. This is all done whilst trying to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Puppy visits especially the longer, fluffier breeds should be between 3 to 5 weeks which will increase to 6 to 8 weeks once they are more comfortable with the grooming procedure.

I have an Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo which is fantastic for dogs with dry, flaky or bad skin.

Please take a look at my price list page.

I am a stockist of groomer’s shampoos, dog collars, bandanas and other dog related items. Please take a look at my gallery page to see some before and after pictures, my grooming parlour and do not hesitate in contacting me to make an enquiry, booking or to find out any other information.

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Opening times may vary so please call to check. Later appointments can be arranged on request.

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